Celebration of Love
Divine Symbols InfiniteLove THE ONE ONLI´ TRILOGY Flower of Love Golden CrossRADIANCE CELEBRATION!
Golden Infinity© Infinite Open Heart Double Golden Infinity Double Infinite Open Heart The Grace Walk©

My understanding to date: As we move through the illusionary barrier of separation from God/Source/All That IS, our hearts open to the breathing pulsating infinite density of potentialClick Here for Larger Printable Image Click Here to Enlarge from whence we were created. At that moment the Lover & the Beloved meet, recognize each other & rejoice. In orgasmic reunion a new creation is birthed EXPANDING LOVE INFINITELY.

Additional Understanding: As the Infinite Love symbol replicates, inverts & interweaves, both colors & the polarities shift to continue creating stability. The Infinite Open Heart, which represents the feminine womb/reception of creation inverts & becomes the male receptive/passive energy of creation. Likewise with the Golden Mean Infinity/Golden Infinity...in the bottom symbol the Golden Mean Infinity is a male creation energy, inverting it becomes the feminine creation energy. Each is in complete balance & harmony with each other.

Directions of rotation: The bottom symbols rotate in the following directions...Golden Proportion Infinity© CCW, Infinite Open Heart CW; the top symbols rotate in the opposite directions (ie, gold heart CCW etc.) creating polarity stabilization of the vortices present here both with the directions of rotation & the color frequencies. The 'X' always crosses at the heart chakra. Set the intent to rotate slowly in the appropriate directions i.e. One rotation to every 5 seconds or 1:5 This will depend on the size of the symbol & your purpose. Use your intuition & guidance.

This is what happens when the geometries are rotating in the correct directions - the creation of a double torus, or more correctly, a double torus within a double torus - one inside the other.

Robert Gray

Colors: Bottom symbol (InfiniteLove): ...Golden Infinity© is 'full spectrum luminous liquid gold' & the Infinite Open Heart is 'full spectrum luminous lapis lazuli blue'. The inverted InfiniteLove symbol reverses colors & directions.

Some Uses: Some of the ways I have used this symbol are - placing it rotating in correct directions & speed on depleted land placing it rotating in correct directions & speed inside places of worship, people's homes etc in remote healing etc. Get creative! I've put them on top of the airplanes I've been in so they act as a streamer of love. I had someone ask me to manifest one on top of her new car. I've put each of the two symbols on top of mountains, on the oceans, around people etc. This will depend on the size of the symbol. Use your intuition & guidance. Remember to always intend 'that this be for the highest good of all'. It is not for any of us to decided what is best for another though our intentions be honorable.

Please note: these look to be a 2D 'slice' of the systems. While they certainly have energy in the 2D space, they are meant to rotate, thereby giving them multi-dimensionality. Imagine seeing the heart in rotation. You can imagine that if each symbol were to be rotating in the opposite direction of each other, at the same speed, how they would interweave, each bringing their own attributes, yet working together to radiate a magnificent energy. Each not only holds the space for the other but moves in a beautiful harmonic dance of communion.

Printable Images
'Geometries of Love' Summary Sheet
Ah Shellah - the initial signature song of THE ONE ... Licia Claire Seaman
Signature song of THE ONE with sculpture ... Antonia Albano
Creative piano interpertation ... Peter del Vecchio

Creations/Drawings/Painting - Antonia Albano
Graphic Renderings/Metalwork - Yates Spencer

Divine Symbols InfiniteLove THE ONE ONLI´ TRILOGY Flower of Love Golden CrossRADIANCE CELEBRATION!
Golden Infinity© Infinite Open Heart Double Golden Infinity Double Infinite Open Heart The Grace Walk©

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The copyright is to assure that the correct proportions & colors are held creating the particular frequency or the 'Divine Signature' that was meant to be here. These symbols belong to the world. Please feel free to share these symbols, complete with the information on this site & credited appropriately. While these symbols may speak differently to you it is requested your insights & /or handouts be accompanied by the information offered here also. No sculptures or other representions of these geometries are to be made without written permission. Thank you

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