Celebration of Love
Divine Symbols InfiniteLove THE ONE ONLI´ TRILOGY Flower of Love Golden CrossRADIANCE CELEBRATION!
Golden Infinity© Infinite Open Heart Double Golden Infinity Double Infinite Open Heart The Grace Walk©
A little bit of history: In 1992 one year in private practice as a 'Transformation Coach' in California, I asked Spirit 'Is this what I am to do for the rest of my life?' I got 'No, but this is where you are now. Do it to the best of your ability'. Another year+ later, during a session with a client, I heard 'It's time. Enough analysis, dissection, introspection & critiquing ...it's time to live it.' & so I have. Somewhere deep inside I know I've been guided.

The reason I mention this is because of where I am now. I have asked, with every cell of my being, that I be able to give something & leave something to make a difference... something of 'my uniqueness' before I no longer walk upon this earth. My life passion has been about LOVE (life, people, beauty, music etc) & six years ago a symbol, a beautiful soft symbol, which I am told is a new sacred geometry form for God/Pure Love/Creation has come forth. It is for this universe/all parallel universes/ this dimension/all parallel dimensions. I once again was told ...'It is time. The world needs this.' So, I chose to present the symbol, it's story & my understanding to date of possible uses to a group of spiritual healers in Oregon in October 2005. One healer said that I had gone through time & space to bring this in from the future. This I do not know but in my Internet research there is nothing like it in the many geometry forms I found. This healing symbol has a radiant yet powerful vibration that effects change. The past five Celebrations have left us in awe of the radiance & realms of angelic blessings of this symbol. So much has continued & is continuing to unfold since I have said 'Yes, I accept this assignment'.

After the meditation retreat in Oregon & subsequent 'vision quest' time in Washington I discovered that I had been given the gift of being a conduit through which the vibrational frequency of this symbol can be activated or intensified...that through me (as a conduit), the energy that may be dormant in both people & on the physical plane can be awakened when needed. I have felt changes while working with the symbols, I have felt the appreciation of the Earth after intense healing with the symbols & I have heard from others that they have felt radiant healing energy.

The first geometry, Infinite Love, is a two part symbol, one is in a golden mean or divine proportion infinity symbol (creative aspect, masculine/negative charge) & the second symbol is it's balance (chalice/womb, female/positive charge). When the symbol rotates, in opposite directions, it creates a vibrational frequency/harmonic of LOVE helping us to move through the illusionary veil of separation between Source & ourselves. This geometric system came through in 2004 & my life has not been the same.

In July 2006 another extremely beautiful & powerful symbol came through called THE ONE. It is the InfiniteLove symbol replicated back onto itself locking in at the 'X' (the heart chakra) & creating several of the most powerful sacred geometry form called a Vesica Pisces. The symbol represents the Lover & the Beloved meeting each other again. It is the awakened heart...becoming one inside the other, reunited once again. The illusion of separation has been removed & the beloved can feel/sense/know the Lover/GOD...the true meaning of Unity.

In 2009, the third Messenger of Love was introduced to the world. It's name is the ONLI', a Golden Phoenix of Love & Transmutation. It has come to help us create the next level of human evolution/metamorphosis by bringing forward the remaining unresolved 'stuff' in our lives so that we can become more pure channels for acts of loving kindness, extending ourselves without any expectation of personal gain or reward. It has come to assist us in creating 'heaven' here on earth. It is an action symbol seemingly activated by our own desire to clear excess 'baggage'.

The rest is interesting history now. You can read more about the chronology of introductions by going to the 'Divine Symbol' button.

This journey has been & continues to be an amazingly exciting one, albeit I desire to share this beautiful family of LOVE with many more people! The interest, curiosity & experiences with this living geometric technology systems continues to build. The workshops with healers who are are amazed at the gentleness, speed & transformation happening with clients when employing these living systems is more than rewarding.

I am honored to present these beautiful new geometries to all who resonate to their purpose of taking us into the new millennium expanding our concept & understanding of love beyond our ability to imagine. They 'spark' our heart's memory of our Oneness & both send & infuse the frequency of PURE LOVE out over this universe AND ...there is so much more that I cannot yet explain & maybe never will. Perhaps it's not for me to understand. The 'unpacking' of information continues & I remain an avid Messenger :)

Divine Symbols InfiniteLove THE ONE ONLI´ TRILOGY Flower of Love Golden CrossRADIANCE CELEBRATION!
Golden Infinity© Infinite Open Heart Double Golden Infinity Double Infinite Open Heart The Grace Walk©

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