Celebration of Love
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This representation of the Sacred Feminine remains always open to both give & receive. It can be used independently. Use your own guidance for color, direction & the speed of rotation. This will depend on the size of the symbol. Use your intuition & guidance. This would depend on the intention of use. Remember to always intend 'that this be for the highest good of all'. It is not for any of us to decide what is best for another though our intentions be honorable.

Please note: these look to be a 2D 'slice' of the systems. While they certainly have energy in the 2D space, they are meant to rotate, thereby giving them multi-dimensionality.

'Printable Geometries of Love' Summary Sheet

Creations/Drawings/Painting - Antonia Albano
Graphic Renderings/Metalwork - Yates Spencer

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The copyright is to assure that the correct proportions & colors are held creating the particular frequency or the 'Divine Signature' that was meant to be here. These symbols belong to the world. Please feel free to share these symbols, complete with the information on this site & credited appropriately. While these symbols may speak differently to you it is requested your insights & /or handouts be accompanied by the information offered here also. No sculptures or other representions of these geometries are to be made without written permission. Thank you

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