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Friday February 14th 7 - 9 PM

This meditation and activation is centered around a very rare, powerful, one-of-a-kind, sacred quartz crystal wisdom-keeper stone, of the elemental's. Offered to us from the innermost Golden Crossvoids of our Earth mother Gaia's womb, this large hematite crystal cluster is red and pink in color and has naturally grown in the shape of the human heart (not the Valentine’s heart).

Bask in the energy of this sacred stone (Crystal Heart of Gaia) and several hundred additional pounds of additional huge quartz crystals from around the world. This auspicious display will be presented in a large metal alchemy pyramid, with a gold-plated sacred geometry Gaia Star, suspended above the elevated Gaia Heart Stone and surrounded by a crystal grid of kaleidoscope colors.

This is the first time the Crystal Heart of Gaia stone has been activated for modern mankind. It has come forth for the activation of the human "high-heart". This activation is different from most heart activation work found today. The purpose of this activation is the turning on of our "Heart Mind", empowering human participants to begin the switch from the head-brain to using the brain cells that have lain dormant in our heart for eons of human generations.

Our ability to think through the heart is an ancient forgotten pathway that has lain dormant, until now. This great wisdom-keeper stone has come forth to remind us of our connection to Source - reminding us to be present through our heart-brain vortex. Our head-brain was meant to be an internal (external hard drive) software storage computer, not the space we were to be connected and creating from.

The evening activation will include sound frequency vibration attunements using Tibetan metal and quartz crystal bowls, additional vibration harmonics, light/color therapy healing stimulation, as well as a massive quartz crystal.

Please consider joining us for this privileged event and being one of the heart beings turned on for great service to humanity. If you need more "brain" info please visit www.heartmath.org . Although we are not in full agreement or alignment with all the info on this site, it is a good source for those who "need to know" the modern science behind this old wisdom.

More amazing information:

Physicists have discovered a Heart shaped jewel-like geometric object, called an Amplutihedron. Here is an Artist’s rendering of the Amplutihedron, a newly discovered mathematical object resembling a heart shaped multifaceted jewel in higher dimensionsGolden Cross

Did you know…

More information about the golden star hanging in the pyramid:

Gaia Star

Hanging above the Gaia Heart Crystal in the Pyramid is this large gold plated sacred geometry with a smaller 12 point quartz crystal star inside of it. This phenomenon in geometry is the Gaia Star.

This Gaia Star, or empowerment star, is assembled with 12 extended points in a Phi ratio from the pentagram sides of the internal dodecahedron. Nestled within the dodecahedron is also an icosahedron. This form represents the combined energy of human and divine creation in the 3rd dimension. A trinity of divine male and female energies synergize in the radiance of this Gaia energy form to teach us empowering views about duality so we can value its usefulness in our transformation.

Through the support of the Phi ratio, the perception of duality raises to the harmony of the trinity, which is the source of infinity, birth and evolution. The threefold expression of the Phi Ratio of the Star Empowerment Grid helps us to experience the dauntless and unswerving courage of the love vibration. The Gaia Star Empowerment Grid formation allows the sending and receiving of energy and information at multiple energetic frequency ranges, so the person will easily assimilate it and feel the knowledge energy as part of their higher self. If that isn't enough, this metal alchemic geometric formation is also accompanied by an internal suspended solid quartz crystal 12-point star.

The following are some of the empowering benefits when using this geometric configuration:

Information about Monte and Liz – the facilitators of this event:

As a married couple, Liz and Monte bring a unique balanced insight into the world of crystals as empathic crystal healers, guides and seers.

The custodians of this sacred crystal, “The Crystal Heart Of Gaia Stone”, have traveled North America with thousands of pounds of crystals conducting many powerful crystal events, such as “The crystalline convergence of remembrance” with The Crystal POD. They have never been moved to do this activation until now. Monte and Liz are the curators of The Crystal Ashram near Annapolis, MD, and are sound frequency specialists with ancient crystal technology. All of Monte and Liz’s proceeds are donated to the Crystal Ashram project, a 3-story structure will be a spiraling ascension, where visitors will experience large clusters of crystals of different colors and frequencies that match each chakra of the body as they ascend in the structure. This is also a sanctuary of heart learning and meditation.

Divine Symbols InfiniteLove THE ONE ONLI´ TRILOGY Flower of Love Golden CrossRADIANCE CELEBRATION!
Golden Infinity© Infinite Open Heart Double Golden Infinity Double Infinite Open Heart The Grace Walk©

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