Celebration of Love
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This amazing living geometric technology system is comprised of two pairs of double golden mean (ratio) infinities with one set perpendicular to the other activating a powerful creation system. While this 'design' may look familar, please note that there is a significant difference: this system is comprised of 2 sets of interwoven golden mean proportion infinities. This specific mathematical proportion creates a specific action & function.

The names of the componants: Vertical - Elegance & Grace, Horizontal - Simplicity & Beauty.

Understandings to Date: The Golden Cross is a harmonizer, balancer, stabalizer & activator. It is masculine & feminine (beyond gender), moving into & through each other in harmony, helps us to face & dissolve fear. Like all the other geometric systems, they can replicate & expand/contract as needed.


Directions of Rotation: Vertical - large bottom infinity moves clockwise and inverted infinity moves counter clockwise. Horizontal - right side larger bottom section moves counter clockwise & larger bottom on left moves clockwise.

(Note: obviously, these cannot move through each other on this physical plane. In the etheric realm, their speed of rotation has no limitation.)

Color: Full spectrum, multi-dimensional gold (1st time I have heard the color frequency with this description.)

Placement in Human Field: Centered in the direction of dantien/2nd Chakra; I have used it centered in nexus of brain with ends touching the occiput, 3rd eye and points over ears approximently one inch.

These systems are intelligence manifest - they take on a life of their own.

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'Geometries of Love' Summary Sheet
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Creations/Drawings/Painting - Antonia Albano
Graphic Renderings/Metalwork - Yates Spencer

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The copyright is to assure that the correct proportions & colors are held creating the particular frequency or the 'Divine Signature' that was meant to be here. These symbols belong to the world. Please feel free to share these symbols, complete with the information on this site & credited appropriately. While these symbols may speak differently to you it is requested your insights & /or handouts be accompanied by the information offered here also. No sculptures or other representions of these geometries are to be made without written permission. Thank you

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