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"These are the Days"
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February 9th - 13th 2011:  Scroll down to end of opening letter for event schedule

The 6th annual Celebration Of Love was held in the southern end of the Shenandoah Valley in Buena Vista, Virginia at South River Highlands Country Retreat.

As life swirls around us & our lives seem more hectic, we are reminded of the still point, the selah point within each of us where we are resplendent with limitless possibilities/potentiation & expansive love. It is here that each of us can make a difference in the world around us... a difference in what we hold to be true & what we manifest, a difference in the beliefs that are self limiting. These self limiting beliefs can keep us, individually & collectively, from experiencing the brilliance of who we truly are, who we wish to become & what we desire to create.

We are living in an amazing time! A time where science & spirituality are recognizing they may not be as separate as we have been taught. As technology accelerates at lighting speed we question who we are to become in the new world we are creating around us. As spirituality continues to unfold & open millennia of previously held 'secret doctrines' we are being faced with decisions. Not only of who we wish to become, but to what we are willing to open. We are challenged to believe that we can not only make a difference, but channel the movement. Within chaos is the birth of the new. We can consciously help to evolve humanity & all life. We can sit back & allow others to decide for us or we can care enough to take action by evolving our own self, helping to change the collective beliefs that no longer serve, thereby directly effecting all life everywhere. This is conscious evolution.

Being presented with our limitless possibilities can often bring up fear, fear of who we really are at the center of our Be-ingness. We realize that in the gift of individuation is also the gift of knowing that we are all connected in a way that has never allowed anyone to do, think, say and/or believe anything without affecting all life everywhere. That realization can be overwhelming & even frightening. Its reality is more than we can often envision & more responsibility than we may care to acknowledge.

This year's event offered many opportunities to look at how we, as individuals & as a collective, can consciously utilize our greatest gifts ...how we can transmute the currently held consciousness to one that holds a higher vibration for life everywhere. We discovered that we have the capacity to change the currently held beliefs & vision of life to write a new story, create a new vision ...to participate in a co-creative universal humanity. We have the possibility of birthing a new humanity that will go where humans have never gone before. And, we can be part of an evolving natural world where we are in a co-creative partnership of life on a New Earth. By acknowledging this we can begin to move into this new frequency, thereby accelerating change & holding a vision of a more loving & peaceful earth upon which to co-exist.

As we continue to move through the 'birth canal' of the 2012 time span & of the powerful shifts here on earth, we are also reminded of the love vibration that is deepening & expanding because of the awakening of the hearts of so many. This vision is spreading & permeating all life everywhere. Now we move forward allowing the message of LOVE to be reawakened in everyone & every cell of existence. The Time is NOW. It is happening!! And YOU are a very important part of this amazing experience. Keep sharing your love, holding the vision & bring your loving selves to this year's Celebration of Love 2010!

All of the events are independent of each other so that participants can come as their schedules allow. This year's event scheduled 9 presenters with extremely broad backgrounds in their fields. These presenters were invited from N.C., D.C., the U.K. & throughout Virginia. We encourage you to attend as many events as possible. The variety & scope of each presenter's subject will touch you in ways beyond your imagination. The presenters, in view of this multi-offering event, agreed to reduce their usual workshop costs substantially to make it very affordable for everyone. The intention was to not let financial concerns keep anyone from attending.

I AM, Antonia Albano, with each of you in ...

...message from the Love Beings

The trilogy formed by the first three 'Geometries of Love' from the Divine Symbols...sacred geometry for the new millennium



View a Printable GENERAL Event Flyer

Driving directions (From the South) or (From the North)

Wednesday February 10th 7:30PM      Opening of Event
Antonia Albano – Welcome; discussed this year's focus, relevance, tie in with other year's topics; overviews of Self Mastery, meditation into 'Possibilities & Conscious Transmutation'.

Thursday 11th 10-12AM     Co-Creative Wisdom & The Path of Joyous Transmutation
Antonia Albano- topics covered: co-creative with whom/what; how does one get 'there'; overview of Divine Symbols ...sacred geometry for the new millennium; insight expansion of the 3rd Messenger of Loving Transmutation – the ONLI'; how to work with ONLI'; Self Mastery on all levels of physical/mental/emotional/spiritual; what that may look like; how can aligning with specific vibrational frequencies assist us in this fast moving, swirling energetic world in which we live. There were experiential aspects included in this morning's presentation.    $ Love Donation.

Thursday 11th 1:30– 5 PM     Laughter Yoga as a Discipline of Self Mastery & Conscious Evolution
Jon Graznak & Leigh Meredith – Both informational & experiential. Both Jon & Leigh are very committed to bringing Laughter Yoga to the forefront. They showed how healing laughter is 'sensory connection' that becomes auditory with visual 'carrier waves' of enlightenment. When well focused, “Ha-Ha” becomes “Ah-ha”. There are substantial medical benefits of laughter in addition to significant information supporting laughter as healing both the physical and spiritual hearts. We gained an understanding of some relatively complex science and how it can be applied to our lives, improving our health. Leigh brings experience working with depression & anxiety, while Jon has special interest in using laughter as a recovery tool. Together they walk a path of exploration and teaching laughter to individuals & couples for intimacy building & heart healing.    $ Love Donation

Printable event flyer ; www.yogalaughs.com  

Thursday 11th 7:30 PM    The Wisdom of a Deeply Open Heart
Adam Gainsburg – An experienced national & international workshop facilitator & speaker, Adam's focus was: How the Heart yearns to open, to radiate its open nectar dissolving the sheath between 'you' & 'me'. At the center of the SoulSign work is the pulsating Deep Heart. It informs our astrological work, sources our sound healing & infuses each of our breath techniques. In this intimate experience with both our personal & group Deep Heart, Adam wove ancient heart teachings, contemporary neuro-science, experiential meditation & sacred soundings of his voice & the didjeridoo. Each soul present took away a deeper seat in his/her Heart-craft & a greater capacity to meet ALL of LIFE with ALL of their LOVE. $ Love Donation

Printable event flyer ; www.soulsign.com; www.adamgainsburg.com; Articles by Adam: http://soulsign.com/articles

Friday 12th    10AM – Open     CHANGE IN SPEAKERS
Detoxification As A Spiritual Awakening
     Don Wetsel

Don Wetsel is a classically trained acupuncturist, a clinical nutritionist and a Brain Gym®, Touch for Health®, Optimal Brain Organization, VisionCircles instructor. He teaches Educational Kinesiology In-Depth, Movement Re-education and Creative Vision as a member of the Educational Kinesiology International Faculty. Don's expertise is in acupuncture and clinical nutrition as well as teaching self-responsibility models of learning, health, vision improvement and personal development. He combines his knowledge, training, and love for others to support individuals in reducing pain and stress while supporting the body to heal and create wellness. Don supports individuals in developing the attention and learning skills, brain/body integration, habits and behaviors which allows them to achieve their full potential and create the life they desire. Don has depth training in the treatment of neuromuscular concerns, stress, and pain relief and has extensive experience with difficult and chronic conditions of many different origins. In addition, he also has extensive training in Natural Vision Improvement, CranioSacral Therapy and is nationally certified in massage and bodywork. Don teaches classes in the United States and around the world.     $ Love Donation


NOTE: Rivers Sterling was not able to drive here due to weather circumstances in NC mountains. Don Wetsel graciously accepted the invitation to share his wealth of information with all of us.

Friday 12th 7:30PM    StoryTelling - Woven with accompanying magical instrumental sound
Gabriella Kapfer wove a magical spell through a story, in co-creation with the nature & angelic realms, relating to the topic of the Saturday seminar “Transmutation of Consciousness'. Participants closed their eyes & gave themselve permission to be taken into the mystical realm of your their being & then beyond.   $ Love Donation

Printable event flyer; www.peace-trails.com

Saturday 13th   10AM – 5PM    A Day of Magick & Music      Transmutation of Consciousness
Gabriella Kapfer National & international workshop guided us to become Instruments of Change within the shift of consciousness in co-creative partnership with Beings of the Family of Life & Sacred Sound. In this workshop patticipants * learned to tune thenselves with sound * work with the body-elemental in the shift to higher consciousness & * connect with the Beings & the power points of the land in a reciprocal exchange to facilitate transmutation of consciousness. $ Love Donation

Printable event flyer; www.peace-trails.comwww.bridgebetweentheworlds.com

Saturday 13th 7:30PM     Sound Healing Concert 'Weaving a Matrix of Compassion & Love'
Gabriella Kapfer  A Sound Weaving concert in co-creation with the nature spirits & the family of life. The sound, weaving strands of compassion & love as the true matrix of our being-ness, integrates the work of the day workshop 'Transmutation of Consciousness' by assisted & guided us with our next evolutionary steps. Gabriella is a master sound healer/weaver. We are excited to welcome Gabriella from the United Kingdom for her 4th concert at this Retreat & the beginning of another USA tour. While co-director of a small retreat & healing center for several years in the north of Scotland & some magical time on the Isle of Iona, she developed her sound healing gifts inspired by the mystery school of the natural world around her. $ Love Donation.

Printable event flyer; www.peace-trails.com

Sunday 14th 10AM - 5PM     On the Edge of Evolution
Antonia Albano & Barney Brown- We tied together the thread of all the event's presentations. We took a look at spiritual experience to spiritual awakening; the science of resonance with shape, color, motion & sound; tools to find your way - finding the way even when 'the way' seems obscured; how we can make a difference in the world around us... a difference in what we hold to be true & what we manifest, a difference in the beliefs that are self limiting; the evolution of consciousness to a realization that all that we dream & ache for is an 'inside job'. Come join us to learn practical steps toward an emerging consciousness, a new vision of a loving respect-full co-existence with all life beyond our wildest imagination.

We held a closing 2010 event ceremony at this seminar's conclusion followed by a pot luck dinner $ Love Donation

Printable event flyer;

5:30PM Pot Luck Dinner & St. Valentine's Day Celebration

Help us get out the word! Come join us February 9-13, 2011 for an exciting exploration of Creating & Living in a Coherent Energy Field and for the introduction of the newest Messenger of Love,the 5th of the Divine Symbols™ ...sacred geometry for the new millennium™.
Thank you for who you are and what you bring to the tapestry of all existence. Antonia Albano

FREE TIME:  Those who stayed on the farm for the week's activities may came earlier or stayed later to have unstructured time for the sharing of healing work, meditation, walks by the river, walking on the 250 acre farm, journaling, walking up to the State of Grace Pulsation Center, experiencing the MesoAmerican Pyramidal Love Seat, etc

LODGING:  Farm lodging is limited it to 23 depending on sleeping arrangements. Cabin cost is $50./night/person; private guest room with one queen bed @$85/night, two studios, each with queen bed, one has queen sofa bed & one a single sofa chair @ $105 & $85/night & 7 single dorm beds are offered @ $40./night. Three night minimum on cabins, two night minimum on all other farm lodgingsAuthentic rustic log cabins, dating from 1775 to early 1900s plus the new Heartstone Lodge & Retreat Center accomodations, are shared. Cabins may be co-ed. Linens, towels, toiletries, plates/flatware, condiments etc are supplied in cabins & The Creamery. Linens, towels, robes, toiletries are furnished for accommodations in the Lodge. 3 cabins have TV/DVD/DVDs & fireplaces. No WI-FI or land lines on farm. Plenty of HOTEL accommodations are available nearby in town if needed. A special rate at 2 hotels for this event. Suggestion for farm stays: pack lightly. Cabins will be assigned based on arrival & departures & special needs. There are no private cabins available for this event.     www.southriverhighlands.com

FOOD:  Grocery stores are nearby for breakfast, lunch & dinner, as are restaurants in local towns nearby. There is a commercial kitchen in the dairy barn/Lodge with a large refrigerator, no freezer & a large commercial gas stove. All use of kitchen will be on a shared cleaning basis. We live in a sparsely populated county yet are blessed with a small organic grocery Healthy Foods Co-op in downtown Lexington 4 miles away. Pot Luck dinners (healthy food please) will be at Heartstone Lodge Thursday, Friday Saturday evenings.

COSTS FOR WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS & CONCERTS:   Costs are $Love Donations or 'BluePot' (a fair monetary exchange honoring the costs & efforts of the presenters) unless otherwise noted. The presenters have agreed to greatly reduce their usual class costs :) Please come support these events so that we can continue to bring in presenters from across the country & help this event to grow in scope.

TRANSPORTATION:  (From the South) or (From the North)  Closest airport is Roanoke (ROA) http://www.roanokeairport.com, 50 miles from Heartstone Lodge & Retreat Center (1366 Stuartsburg Rd/SR 703, Buena Vista, VA). Rental cars are available at the airport or private taxi ($75+ tip) by prior reservation with Barney or Antonia. Check with Antonia regarding the arrival times of other participants for sharing of rides. Transportation will be made available to get groceries to the town of Lexington. Driving directions to the Lodge will be put on the website. You may also call either Antonia or Barney to get them emailed to you directly.

CLOTHING:  Temperatures can range from low 20s – 60s. Dressing in layers is suggested. Please bring a pair of heavy socks or slippers as it is requested that shoes/boots be removed inside retreat space. You will wish to wear or bring a good pair of warm walking boots if you plan to walk on the farm. Remember to pack lightly (i.e. one small or medium suitcase as luggage space is limited). Bring a flash light for walking in the winter evening. It is dark here in the country with few, if any, lights & the parking areas are a short walk from the cabins or to the Lodge.

SHARING OF HEALING WORK: In years past, it has been suggested that after the event we extend time on the farm by one or two days for those who wished to stay & share their healing work with others that were interested. Each year several participants take advantage of this & wished that they could stay longer as this event is attended by some very accomplished practitioners with much to share. In honoring that request we have reserved the Lodge, sleeps 8-10 depending on sleeping arrangements, for Monday, Feb 14th & Tuesday, Feb. 15th. Above Lodging rates apply. If you are interested please let Antonia know so that she may share that information with those attending.


PLEASE CONTACT: Antonia @ 540.461.1401 or email: antonia@southriverhighlands.com by February 6th. Check the farm website: www.southriverhighlands.com for information & photographs of the farm (open all buttons). On the 'HOME' page you will find a button called 'Celebration of Love' for information & reference on the event & the Divine Symbols™. Driving directions (From the South) or (From the North) . The Heartstone Lodge & Retreat Center is our newest offering having opened mid May 2010. Its website is still being developed though there are photos of facility & accommodations available for your viewing both from hyperlinks on this site or calling Antonia to email specific photos.

The farm is located above the confluence of the South & Maury Rivers four miles from the charming historic town of Lexington, Virginia – the resting place of Stonewall Jackson & Robert E Lee & the campuses of Washington & Lee University & Virginia Military Institute (www.lexingtonvirginia.com). Buena Vista is the home of Southern Virginia University just two miles from the farm. The Chessie Trail begins across the entry road to the farm & winds along the Maury River for 7 miles. An Appalachian Trail head (AT) is 8 miles away for those interested in more activity before or after the events.

SHARE FREELY ...Copyright all symbols & all symbols with their names; all rights reserved     marketing policies

The copyright is to assure that the correct proportions & colors are held creating the particular frequency or the 'Divine Signature' that was meant to be here. These symbols belong to the world. Please feel free to share these symbols, complete with the information on this site & credited appropriately. While these symbols may speak differently to you it is requested your insights & /or handouts be accompanied by the information offered here also. No sculptures or other representions of these geometries are to be made without written permission. Thank you

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