Celebration of Love
Lve in the 21st century
... expanding the depth and breadth of love

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What an exciting three and a half days we have planned! Come share the joy and excitement that all the presenters, musicians & participants create when we share the love in our hearts. Whether you have abundant love to share or could use some basking in the love, this is the event many look forward to. Our focus for these events is always the amazing gift of LOVE in our lives... physical, mental, emotional and spiritual LOVE and how we can be more conscious of the qualities of love.

This year's focus is on Love in the 21st century - expanding the depth and breadth of love. The scope of subjects shared will be: Living more harmoniously with the many varied relationships in our lives; expanding compassion; ways compassion can be expressed in today's environment; the geometry that binds us all; patterns in creation; conscious evolution of love and much more. One evening you will experience a crystal vibration energetic opening of the 'high heart' and another evening a sound healing concert that will help us to move into a coherent energy field awakening the deepest memories of who we really are.

Over the past several years we have explored The Many Facets of Love; Intelligence in All Life; Self Mastery as a Path for Planetary Healing; Conscious Evolution as a personal and global choice; and Creating and Living in a Coherent Field among other topics. Each year we have been introduced to and have experienced new living geometric technology systems - sacred/cosmic geometry. Learning how these system's divine schematics can unfold within us affecting all that is both within and outside us, expanding and deepening our heart's capacity to experience, extend, radiate and BE LOVE.

Please review the events for this 2014 Celebration and come share in the fun. Find events that call to you, go to the Presenter's page on the website noted below and click on the photo of the presenter. There you will find more information about that person and sometimes links to more of that person's dedicated path. Give us a call to let us know that you are coming...

Can Love evolve in scope, depth & in harmonics? We say 'yes!' ... Become aware that you are Living Light & increase both the frequency & the rate of vibration of those frequencies. One way is to align & embody the high frequencies of the Geometries of Love ...sacred geometry for the new millennium. Geometry is the language of creation. Geometry evolves as does all life. Come find out what these new geometric systems have to offer you & those that come after you.

The heart - an intelligent center that is the connection to our true essence


Help us get out the word! Come join us ...

I AM, Antonia Albano, and walk with each of you in the...

...Message of the TRILOGY
The ‘TRILOGY’ is formed by the first three 'Messengers of Love' from the
Divine Symbols...sacred geometry for the new millennium


THURSDAY- SUNDAY February 13th - 16th



10-4 pm Antonia Albano IMMERSION INTO LOVE ...a new octave of human
Workshop on the new 'living geometric technology systems' as a vibrational tool for aligning with a higher harmonic of love ; What they are; How they can be used; Meet the Living Geometries & connect with each as we relate by drawing, writing, sound, poetry, breathing, meditating etc The day's experience will be adapted as guided to the people who are present.

10a -12 noon Antonia Albano The GEOMETRIC TECHNOLOGIES OF LOVE...evolving love in the 21st century
Through animated graphics the story of the Geometries of Love come to life. Learn how including these schematics in your being & energetic field can assist you in conscious participation into a more highly evolved being dancing to the harmonic balance of opposites.

1:30 -2:30pm Marsha Heatwole EXPLORING THE WONDER OF FORM ...composition & connectedness in art, nature, life & love.
To both the artist & non-artist, Marsha Heatwole, a career painter, is thrilled to share some of the wonder of geometric pattern that she has discovered through art and how it relates to nature and Spirit. Tap into the patterns of nature that create what we see everyday.

2:45 - 5:15pm Devi Herrsche EVERLASTING LOVE: The Masculine and Feminine Principals Dance to the Uni-Verse (One-Song).
The Latin word for Mother is 'Mater', from which our word Matter comes... And, Father is 'Pater', from which our word Pattern comes. Mother - Mater - Matter ; Father - Pater - Pattern. We will explore ancient art, symbols, and writings, as well as cutting edge science and math, to discover how Matter (Substance) and Pattern (Structure) conspire to generate all that is. Although, historically it was understood that the divine consists of both male and female counter-parts, existing in a harmonious, dynamic relationship of opposites, the omission of references to the Divine Mother has had insidious consequences by creating imbalances. They are ours to correct. The male-female union is sacred and fundamental, and this understanding restores wholeness and helps heal many of the rifts we feel in the world today. On this Day of Love, Valentine's Day, come celebrate the marriage of the Divine Principals, and be assured that what is divinely joined shall no longer be put asunder.

The Sacred Heart Activation is centered around a very rare, one-of-a-kind, sacred wisdom-keeper stone. This powerful quartz crystal is from the innermost voids of our Earth mother Gaia's womb. The large hematite crystal cluster is red and pink in color and has naturally grown in the shape of the human heart. This is the first time it has been activated for this purpose. It has come forth for our human high-heart activation & the turning on of our 'HeartMind' by jump-starting the switch from the head/brain to using the heart/brain. This activation will include sound frequency vibration attunement with Tibetian metal & quartz crystal bowls, other vibrational harmonics, color & light therapy stimulation as well as a massive quartz crystal vibration attunement. Click Here to learn more about this event.

8 - 9am Mukanday Moore KUNDALINI YOGA, Opening the Heart Chakra
We've all had the experience of 'feeling' our connection to The One in our heads. Mukanday will offer you an opportunity to experience The One through your body. Wake up your body with simple, do-able, energetic movements (you don't even have to be able to sit on the floor) with varied & focused breathing techniques. Add mental focus, followed by a special Kundalini Meditation for 'opening the Heart Chakra', and you are on your way for a full dimensional experience the rest of the day !!!! This special session of Kundalini yoga will be specifically selected to compliment this amazing event.

10-NOON Barney Brown COMPASSIONATE ACTION in the Age of Aquarius ...exploring how living with a loving heart & mind makes a difference.
Barney will offer ways we look at: expanding compassion in today's environment while holding a 'bigger picture' of the future we wish to create.

1:30 - 4:30pm Geoffrey & Diana Bullington CREATING MORE LOVE & HARMONY IN YOUR LIFE ...exploring mutual, commensal and parasitic relationships.
What type of relationship do you have with: time, money, body, family, partner, sex etc? The deeper the level of communication, the more successful the relationship. Geoffrey & Diana will be presenting information on how to tap the energy & light of the heart, the power of connectivity & coherence in our lives with specific tools & techniques for greater awareness of heart intelligence in daily living.

7 - 8pm Ana Medina SOUNDS ORGASMICA ...a sound vibration experience.
Experience the high vibrations move through you as you allows the magic of Tibetan & Alchemy bowls along with other various vibrational tools to bring your energetic field into a coherent field. Ana had worked with healers around the world & is a professional frequency healing facilitator & healer.

9 - 10pm Monte Hansen IMAGES IN CRYSTAL: An Intriguing Show of Mystery & Beauty.

Join the 'late nighters' for a slide show of breathtaking beauty. Monte will share his amazing discoveries of holographic faces he has photographed inside the crystals he has worked with. Recently unearthed from within the Tibetan Mountains, a master Dow crystal revealed a beautiful rainbow face. The astonishing revelation is that she did not come alone. An entire community of faces from the eons can be seen in full holographic images that defy modern technology. Come face to face with our crystalline ancestors.


10-1pm Antonia Albano THE LABYRINTH AS A SACRED PATH & WALKING THE GRACE WALK ...phi infinity creation
Experience Mount Grace, a farm hilltop modern day labyrinth. Wear warm clothes & comfy walking shoes/boots.

POTLUCK LUNCHES 12:15 - 1:15 & DINNERS 5:30 - 6:30
Healthy food, please :)

ABUNDANCE OFFERING: Love Donation Lovingly accepted

(a fair monetary exchange honoring the costs & efforts of the presenters)
Do not allow money to keep you away. Everyone is welcomed


FREE TIME:  Those staying on the farm may wish to come earlier for a personal retreat or stay later to have some unstructured time, opportunities for the sharing of healing work, meditation, walks by the river, walking on the 250 acre farm, journaling, walking up to the State of Grace Pulsation Center hilltop, experiencing the MesoAmerican Pyramidal Love Seat, etc

LODGING:  Farm lodging is limited to 35 depending on sleeping arrangements. Authentic Rustic Log Cabins, dating from 1775 - early 1900's range from $140-$188 single/double occupancy - TWO NIGHT MINIMUM; Private Guest Rooms in Lodge, one with queen bed @ $85/night, & one with a king bed @ $95, Two Studios, adjacent to Lodge, each with queen bed (one has queen sofa bed & one a single sofa chair) @ $105 & $95/night & 7 deluxe single dorm beds are offered @ $40/night. ONE NIGHT MINIMUM for this event only for Lodge & adjacent studios. Linens, towels, toiletries, plates/flatware, condiments etc are supplied in cabins & The Creamery. Linens, towels, robes, toiletries are furnished for accommodations in the Lodge. 3 cabins have TV/DVD/DVDs & fireplaces. No WI-FI or land lines at cabins; wi-fi at Lodge. Plenty of HOTEL accommodations are available nearby in town if needed. A special rate at 2 hotels for this event. Suggestion for farm stays: pack lightly. www.southriverhighlands.com Reservations can be made directly online for the cabins & by phone for The Lodge or adjacent studios. Reservations are on a first come-first served basis.

FOOD:  Grocery stores are nearby for breakfast, lunch & dinner, as are restaurants in local towns nearby. There is a commercial kitchen in the dairy barn/Lodge with a large refrigerator, no freezer & a large commercial gas stove. All use of kitchen will be on a shared cleaning basis. We live in a sparsely populated county yet are blessed with 2 small organic groceries; Healthy Foods Co-op & Cool Springs Organic Market, both within 4 miles. Pot Luck lunches/dinners (healthy food, please) will be at Heartstone Lodge Friday & Saturday.

COSTS FOR WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS & CONCERTS:   Costs are $Love Donations or 'BluePot' (a fair monetary exchange honoring the costs & efforts of the presenters.

TRANSPORTATION:  (From the South) or (From the North)  Closest airport is Roanoke (ROA) http://www.roanokeairport.com, 50 miles from Heartstone Lodge & Retreat Center (1366 Stuartsburg Rd/SR 703, Buena Vista, VA). Rental cars are available at the airport or private taxi ($95+ tip) by prior reservation with Barney or Antonia. Check with Antonia regarding the arrival times of other participants for sharing of rides. Transportation will be made available to get groceries to the town of Lexington. Driving directions to the Lodge will be put on the website. You may also call either Antonia or Barney to get them emailed to you directly.

CLOTHING:  Temperatures can range from low 20s – 60s. Dressing in layers is suggested. Please bring a pair of heavy socks or slippers as it is requested that shoes/boots be removed inside retreat space. You will wish to wear or bring a good pair of warm walking boots if you plan to walk on the farm. Remember to pack lightly (i.e. one small or medium suitcase as luggage space is limited). Bring a flash light for walking in the winter evening. It is dark here in the country with few, if any, lights & the parking areas are a short walk from the cabins or to the Lodge.

PLEASE CONTACT: Antonia @ 540.461.1401 or email: innkeepers@southriverhighlands.com by February 6th. Check the farm website: www.southriverhighlands.com for information & photographs of the farm (open all buttons). On the 'HOME' page you will find a button called 'Celebration of Love' for information & reference on the event & the Divine Symbols™. Driving directions (From the South) or (From the North) . The Heartstone Lodge & Retreat Center is our newest offering opened mid May 2010.

The farm is located above the confluence of the South & Maury Rivers four miles from the charming historic town of Lexington, Virginia the resting place of Stonewall Jackson & Robert E Lee & the campuses of Washington & Lee University & Virginia Military Institute (www.lexingtonvirginia.com). Buena Vista is the home of Southern Virginia University just two miles from the farm. The Chessie Trail begins across the entry road to the farm & winds along the Maury River for 7 miles. An Appalachian Trail head (AT) is 8 miles away for those interested in more activity before or after the events.

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1366 Stuartsburg Road/SR 703, Buena Vista, Virginia 24416

email: innkeepers@southriverhighlands.com

Phone: 540.461.1401