Celebration of Love
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The Geometries of Love ...sacred technologies for the new millennium, is a family of new frequencies which have come to me with their unique geometric shapes, color, motion & sound for those that continue to choose the Path of LOVE as their journey. They are 'Sacred' because their purpose, Infinite Loveas I understand it, is to bring a depth & breadth of loving frequencies to earth assisting in the deepening of our communion with God/Source/Spirit Beyond Any Naming; to move beyond the illusionary barriers of separation between Source & ourselves; to aid in the & raising of the vibrational frequencies of the human race & all life including Starship Earth. They are with us for this new millennium (2000-2500 years), until their gifts have been fully realized & we are ready to usher in the next age of evolution.

To date, I have received all seven geometric energetic systems that comprise this family. The 7th and last of this grouping, was introduced on December 11th 2012. When the 6 systems were fully in place, the 6 synergically moved into one to create the 7th, the ONE UNIFIED FIELD SYSTEM of LOVE ... for the next OCTAVE of human, the next OCTAVE of LOVE - beyond our ability to cognate.

It is my understanding that new geometries, with their unique geometric technology systems or signatures, are introduced to realities when the time is receptive & what gifts they offer are being asked for & prayed the ONEfor by a tipping point of life forms.

The first geometric system called Infinite Love was introduced in 2005. It is comprised of an Infinite Open Heart & and a new geometry called a Golden Infinity. It is the first time that an infinity symbol has been in this specific mathematical proportion for a specific function. These two forms, which embody the Sacred Masculine & Sacred Feminine, move in a harmonic dance & create the core from which each subsequent geometry is formed in whole or in part. This system helps to dissolve the illusionary veil of separation from the Source of All Life.

The second geometry brought forth in 2007, THE ONE, is comprised of two beautiful forms, each one having two parts moving in perfect balance & harmony. It is the 'awakened heart', becoming one inside the other, consciously reunited once again. The illusion of separation has been removed & the beloved can feel/sense/know the Lover/God ...the true meaning of Unity.

The third geometry, ONLI', the ONLI' the Golden Phoenix of Loving Transformation is comprised of four Infinite Love systems & was introduced the first day of the constellational alignment of the 'Age of Aquarius' (finally!) in 2009. It has come to help us create the next level of human evolution/metamorphosis by bringing forward the remaining unresolved 'stuff' TRILOGY in our lives so that we can become more clear channels for acts of loving kindness, extending ourselves without any expectation of personal gain or reward. It has come to assist us in creating 'heaven on earth'. It is an action geometry seemingly activated by our own desire to clear excess 'baggage' that no longer serves to support our choice for experiencing more love, harmony, peace.

The fourth geometric system introdruced in 2010, TRILOGY, is an interwoven synergic dance of the first three systems. It is alive, activated, interwoven & synergically emmitting its signatures in our Beings - reminding us of the eternal loving message: 'Infinite Love in THE ONE & ONLI' Heart There Is'.

The 5th system, the Flower of Love©, was introduced February 14th 2011. It is a beautiful system of enfolding (available under printable images), unfolding (this shown image) & opening of the deeper, more expansive immersion into LOVE. Flower of LoveIt is a joy-full, beauty-full reminder of the miracle that we are. 'Come to me, Speak to me, Open in me' is our prayer.

February 14th 2012 saw the introduction of the Golden Cross, a micro/macro balancer, harmonizer, stabalizer & activator. This powerful, yet gentle, interwoven double golden proportional infinities is a beauty to behold. One set is vertical & one set horizontal. One of its love messages: "We come together as One in the heartbeat."

Golden CrossOn December 11th 2012 the last of the family called 'Geometries of Love' was unveiled. Its name is RADIANCE & is the One Unified Field System of Love. It is amazing! This geometric technology system is a synthesis of the first six systems & has created a synergy to take us into & through this new age into thenext octave of love & the next octave of human!!

On December 12, 2012, CELEBRATION! was introduced. It is the witness, the guardian, of this new unified field system & will be so throughout this age. Its position on Mt. Grace is as "witness" - just outside of the sacred dynamic called the State of Grace Pulsation Center labyrinth.

Please refer to the individual links at either the top or the bottom of RADIANCEthe page for more information & images suitable for printing

On the following pages I have given some information of my understandings to date, the directions of rotation, the specific colors & the speed of rotation which varies depending on the purpose of its use. As I receive & experience more I will share it here.

This use of Sacred CELEBRATION!Geometry as a spiritual path to better experience the 'breathing, pulsating, infinite density of potential' is not new.

These Geometries of Love ...sacred technologies for the new millennium are NEW living geometric systems for the continued dissolution of illusionary veils of separation/fear & the experiential move deeper into our hearts, basking in the love they offer. They gently & lovingly support us as we remember who we are: a heartbeat in infinite creation, connected with the radiance of our existence.



Printable Images
'Geometries of Love' Summary Sheet

Creations/Drawings/Painting - Antonia Albano
Graphic Renderings/Metalwork - Yates Spencer www.mingum.com

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Divine Symbols InfiniteLove THE ONE ONLI´ TRILOGY Flower of Love Golden CrossRADIANCE CELEBRATION!
Golden Infinity© Infinite Open Heart Double Golden Infinity Double Infinite Open Heart The Grace Walk©

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