Celebration of Love
Divine Symbols InfiniteLove THE ONE ONLI´ TRILOGY Flower of Love Golden CrossRADIANCE CELEBRATION!
Golden Infinity© Infinite Open Heart Double Golden Infinity Double Infinite Open Heart The Grace Walk©
Thank you for being the amazing midwife of love. It is impossible to describe in words the love, gratitude and honor I hold for you in all that you are and all that you have loved into our existence here on Mother Earth.   E.S.
I love this image (Golden Cross)... I can feel it moving... It has so much energy... Very beautiful and majestic. Blessings to you and your awesome work...  C.K.
(Geometries of Love)... Sacred Geometry for the New Millennium can not be confused with some kitchy scheme for parroting old news. I believe Antonia is co-creating the birth of an entirely new vibrational 'strain' that is clearly funding a higher frequency than we have seen before; the power of love in action, expressed in the physical world through the multi-universal language of mathematics...All things can be measured and expressed through mathematics as everything in the universe is a reflection of Divine perfection and Intelligence...
I can hardly express the joy I felt on first encountering Antonia's work. Her tremendous personal growth has clearly allowed her access to foundational knowledge, providing her the ability to utilize mathematics as a mirror for our reality. How perfect then, as we strive to achieve balance, to have this gift... The law of reflection represented flawlessly within new geometric designs that offer mathematical evidence of the power of love and our ability for infinite expansion. One heart reflecting another, and another, and another...
Thank you, for providing a geometric signpost to show how we may meet in meditation, under the 'flag' of the golden infinity, united by one truth, one vision, and thus becoming ourselves, the sacred geometry for a new millennium.   A.M.
Your (sculpture) work does something I have never seen before. It bridges the highest understanding of sacred geometry with the beauty & elegance of physical form ...Your "Expanding the Human Energy Field" work is truly from the future. It is rare when a technique is open enough to allow its core effectiveness to shine. Yours does a thousand-fold! I really resonated with the re-vectoring of our chakra system and am recommending it to select clients ready for their own future.  A.G., Founder, Soulsign.com
Beautiful. I love what you are doing!  E.C.
State of Grace Pulsation Center is ... an important "command central" for the new Earth ...(this) is a living, evolving, multi-everything "crop circle"... which is totally tuned to the land, to the evolution of the Earth and the greater Cosmos... the symbols are two way communications, both transmitting and receiving energies and more. I am vibrating just from looking at the photos! AWESOME!! C.M.

Antonia, you did an extraordinary job of holding a loving space (Being Love) for us to share our deepest thoughts, have spontaneous fun and integrate our experiences. The process of exploring the New Profound Sacred Geometry with ALL of our senses brought home on the deepest level the interconnectedness of all living forms. What a genuine and inspiring way to join in with others to send out this huge expansion of Love to the world. Thank you.  R.N.
One word .... WOW!!!! This (Golden Cross) is beautiful, powerful and love-full.  C.M.
The Celebration of Love retreat was & continues to be an experience beyond words. It is like having sunshine in a bottle.You can't feel it & understand it until you open the bottle. You did just that! You took the lid off the bottle so we all could see, feel & experience the magnificence & joy we are living with-in co-creation with Nature, opening us to the possibilities of 'Crossing the Event Horizon', Healing with intent while using the words of 'Love, Thanks & Gratitude', music, meditation & the power of the Divine Symbols...  N. M.
Article on The Rainbow Lights Over Tibet & Virginia
Virginia is a highly charged land of light… from the light temples at Monticello (home of Thomas Jefferson) and Trinity Point, to the Rainbow Lands of South River Highlands farm ...  The golden dome on top of the mountain at South River Highlands Country Retreat is the same shape and frequency of the etheric sun disc I observed in Lake Titicaca… and as is represented in various Incan and other cultures’ extant sacred art work.  P. C., Founder, IloveforGIVEness.com
Antonia Albano's new geometries are breathtakingly beautiful and portend a new level of living in the grace and intelligence of Love. I'm of the opinion that Antonia's Sacred Geometries for the New Millenniumô can open new possibilities within us for creating our lives in Love. A.G.
Antonia, It warms my heart to see the spirit that exudes even from your pictures and certainly from your artistic expression ...I am eternally gratefull we are in this world together.  J.B.
The work you are doing is so important ...I don't think you have any idea how much of a difference you are making  T. F.
Antonia is an exceptional lightworker and brings a depth of experience to all that she does. She has demonstrated the highest level of commitment to the ascension of human consciousness ... I wholeheartedly support this work... Antonia is a living example of the power of Love. ...(Antonia's) contribution is celebrated on both sides of the veil. ... Keep up the great work! (She is) our prophet of love!  P. A.
 … I feel blessed by you and your work ... I have been struck by the beauty of the symbols before ...actually seeing them in place on the top of the hill was truly amazing ...it is a physical creation of a spiritual vision at a place of power, and ...it symbolizes the commitment and dedication that Antonia has had for her vision.  G. G.
…You are indeed creating a genuine & powerful space in th fabric of space & time…The light coming from this event…is incredibly brilliant & strong, affecting indirectly many who have never & may never step foot onto the South River Highlands property.  I was wonderfully awed by the sight of the sculptures on the hill.  D. S.
All day I was projecting to everything - not only one thing-but EVERYTHING in my presence - all of your symbols...I was just laughing with joy...I took what you kindly gave to us, added it to what I was doing myself & it all just merged & meshed & grew by bounds. Thank you.  C. VL
The outcome of Antonia’s vision & her dedication to it has resulted in a masterpiece of art that is highly practical in the world in which we live.  She has combined highest intent, geometric technology, & motion, into something that is far more than the sum of its parts.  We seem to dabbling with the core of creation - motion & the infinite density of potential.  We are brave when we dare to push open the outside door & jam our foot in it.  What awaits us...  B.W.
The vortex at the top of the mountain at South River Highlands is quite an unusual phenomenon. It is beautifully balanced, equally partnered, consummated between Mother Earth & Heavenly Father. Earth Spirit & Spirit Beyond Any Naming! Like a marriage act, it emits orgasmic energy which is very fertile for DNA forms & other physical structures. It is pregnant with some wondrous manifestations of human & earth harmonies... Feeding ALL who are riding on the same wavelength, whether they are aware of the vortex, or not aware of the vortex.  L. S.
I was touched at the depth of my Soul. I know I was. At first, for a day or two, I felt such pressure at my Heart Center, I'm not sure if it was more from the inside pushing out, or from the outside pushing in. I know that the layers around my Heart were literally pushed open.... I have carried the symbol of the Radiant Heart with me, & used it's radiance to bring blessings & hope to places & people.  M.M.
Know you are doing great work in expanding love's presence on the planet.  D.D.
The path I follow is of Illumination...illumination is the glow light of creation's love. You are love and my path has been illuminated by the symbols of love that you have brought forth. Because of you, I KNOW...it's become part of me...the Native American wisdom of We are the ones we have been waiting for We are becoming The One. We are The One, We are The ONLI'.  E. S.
WOW!....I love it (Golden Cross)! Immediately shifted my frequency ...indicated shift and surge of energy flowing in... recently have having many parallel universe unexplained incidents... After printing the symbol the first thing that happened when I looked at it up close was double vision as it popped out from the page...more aware of parallel lives lives and this symbol seems to magnify that understanding, as my eyes went out of focus I actually got more focused in the here and now.  J.G.
I really didn't want to leave...I will always remember your sacred land & flower of life grid & immense pulsing heart that I saw by the sculptures...Thank you for sharing the gift of the symbols & the knowledge of how to put them into my life...they are now a permanent part of me...  J.G.
Almost immediately my whole being felt intensely attracted to the symbol (Infinite Love) & fed by it. It was an essence that my being needed for nourishment.  L. S.
I am profoundly changed from the experience.  S. A.
I feel encouraged that the Infinity - Vortex phenomenon is a genuine NEW spirit input & even more important to me is that it seems to come from a realm more profound than the 'psychic' level where so many New Agers get stuck.  S. W.
I meditated on the InfiniteLove symbol & placed it as you instructed. I felt such an inpouring of love! I felt peaceful...and am continuing to meditate on it...it has magic!  F. G.
You are love and warmth. Your hospitality and sharing of your knowledge and gifts is amazing... I feel so honored.  E. P.
re: ONLI' "...How utterly awesome! ...I still really need to catch my breath ...Fantastic!"  A. T.
...The (ONLI') sculpture is magnificent. ...I want one! I have such a strong feeling that there is significant magic in your symbols  E.L.C.
I am still 'feeling the love' which continues to inspire me into greater acts of love and propels me further on the road to re-creation of myself and my world.  A. J.
Great yearly gathering. Always fun and a great learning experience.  R.M.


Divine Symbols InfiniteLove THE ONE ONLI´ TRILOGY Flower of Love Golden CrossRADIANCE CELEBRATION!
Golden Infinity© Infinite Open Heart Double Golden Infinity Double Infinite Open Heart The Grace Walk©

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