Celebration of Love

February 8th - 14th 2008
The 4th annual 'Celebration of Love' was held in Lexington Virginia at SOUTH RIVER HIGHLANDS farm in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. What an incredible experinece we shared! Each day we looked at an aspect of the 'Healing Power of Sacred Love'. We shared in the vision of EXPANDING LOVE every day of the year. We opened the week's event schedule with a discussion of self-love, self-healing and self-actualization as a path for world healing and the evolving of all life. During the week, we worked with the six new sacred geometry forms whose vibrational frequencies could help us do just that. An explanation of the purpose of these powerful symbols and how these tools can be used was presented.

We were deeply honored to welcome back Gale Gray (www.serendipityseminars.com www.2012NBeyond.com) from Kingston, Washington who facilitated 2 seminars designed to deepen & expand your energy field & spiritual awareness. One evening Gale was joined by Carole Glenn (www.2012NBeyond.com, www.lifeharmonymusic.com) from Silverdale, Washington to facilitate an evening discussion and behind the scenes look at a developing workshop that helped us look at skills we can use to move into the future better equipped to handle the accelerated changes on Earth. Antonia Albano (www.southriverhighlands.com) led participants through clearing, healing, activating and aligning the body's energy fields. she talked about what it means to be an Emmisary of Love and shared her understanding of evoling the Chakra system to increase our abilities to interact and work with higher and more intense frequencies.

This non-denominational week was filled with powerful experiences. All out activities are intentionally independent of each other so you could come as their lives and jobs permitted. Many were able to come for several days so that there was a lovely continuity of energy. The highlight was the introduction to the intentionally created power spot, 'State of Grace Pulsation Center', who's healing energy has been amplified by the placement of sacred geometry on the ground and the sculptures of the first two of the Divine Symbols™ along with the marked path of the 'Grace Walk' in the shape of one of the Divine Symbols™. We expect the 'State of Grace' hilltop will be fully completed by midsummer.

We hope your plans will include the Celebration of Love 2009!


Friday February 8th 7:30PM -9:30PM $FREE Antonia Albano -
LOVE & OUR ACTION IN THE WORLD Forum/Discussion The opening event of the Celebration of Love 2008. An overview of the weeks's offerings and a discussion of Love with thought provoking select questions, moving into small groups and returning to share with the group.

Saturday February 9th 9-5PM $75./$35. repeat/$40 add'l family member Gale Gray –
CHANGING THE SOUL VIBRATION (Level I-PLUS)In this seminar the soul vibration is changed to the completeness that can be described as the Christ Consciousness vibration. This change offers the opportunity for increased flow of spiritual energy & empowerment of our spiritual journey. For those repeating the seminar, there is much new information. Homemade soup & snacks provided by SRH. Special needs: bring necessary food

Sunday February 10th 9-5PM $75./$35 repeat/$40. add'l family member Gale Gray –
Two new heart chakras will be opened. While the function of these chakras are generally accomplished by the heart chakra alone, the expanded openings will allow more energy to flow between us and Spirit. For those repeating the seminar, there is much new information. Homemade soup & snacks provided by SRH. Special needs: bring necessary food

Monday February 11th 10 – 4 PM $FREE Potluck lunch Antonia Albano -
STATE OF GRACE TRANSFORMATIONAL & EXPERIENTIAL INTRODUCTION to the farm's energy centers. The farm has an intentionally created power center which is still in it's physical manifestation phase. The first two of the 'Divine Symbols™' have been created and installed with the 'Grace walk' for this year's event. Today we will learn about what/how/why it was created and have the experience of being in the space.

Monday February 11th 7 – 9:30PM $Love donation Gale Gray & Carole Glenn -
PREPARING FOR 2012 & BEYOND An inside view with the authors of an unusual workshop of preparing for the unknown. Carole Glenn will join Gale Gray to present an inside view of the free workshop that they have posted on the web. The workshop is intended is to help anyone in the world prepare for the upcoming years. Carole and Gale feel divinely inspired to take on this task to develop a workshop that applies if anything happens or if nothing happens. They feel divinely inspired but not that what is written is cast in stone. This workshop will be revised and expanded with information gathered from others. At this event, they will not just talk about the initial workshop, but also where they see it going in the future. Come and hear some great stories and share the fun of this amazing adventure.

Tuesday February 12th 10 -5PM $Love Donation Potluck lunch Antonia Albano –
EMMISSARIES OF LOVE & HEALING OF THE EARTH & SELF We will discuss: what is an E of L; how to become one; what do they do; how to use the Divine Symbols™ and take time to practice the skills in town or on the farm.

Wednesday February 13th 9 – 5PM $Love donation Potluck lunch Antonia Albano –
THE NEXT LEVEL OF CHAKRA EVOLUTION: Alignment, Integration & Unification of Our Chakra System It is time to consciously evolve our chakra system by integrating the system below the heart chakra and the system above the heart chakra through the heart. We will discuss why the time is right to unify the system and be lead through the experience.

*CONCERT – 7:30-8:30PM OPEN TO PUBLIC $suggested donation $10-15 Joy Gedeon -
Mystical Crystal Bowls & Sacred Sound - Experience the healing graces of the power of sound. Joyce is a certified Sound Healer and member of the International Sound Healers Association. Joyce will play 7 tone crystal bowls and sing healing love songs and lullabies to those present in a special Valentine's Day concert using her voice as a throat flute to create tones and healing sounds in the Language of Light. www.joycegedeon.com

Thursday February 14th VALENTINE'S DAY 10–5PM $Love donation Potluck lunch Antonia Albano –
THE HEALING POWER OF SACRED LOVE A synthesis and overview of some esoteric topics to show how they interweave and can be used for opening each of us to that part of our being that is always aware of it's divinity. We will also look at the new Divine Symbols™, spiritual resonance, how to create a morphogenic field to bring through a new energy, an overview of both sacred geometry, BioGeometry and discovering your own 'heart song'.

VALENTINE'S DAY CELEBRATION 6:00 – 8:00PM (for participants of the seminar)

Please see: www.serendipityseminars.com

Please see www.2012NBeyond.com

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE CONTENT OF ANTONIA'S WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS please contact Antonia @ 540.461.1401 or antonia@southriverhighlands.com or check the farm's website www.southriverhighlands.com .

FREE TIME: For those staying on the farm for the week's festivities most evenings are unstructured time allowing the sharing of healing work, yoga (mats available), meditation, walks by the river, walking on the 250 acre farm, journaling, etc.

LODGING: will be in authentic hand-hewn log cabins dating c.1775 – early 1900's with modern amenities. Cost is $30.00/person/day based on 2-4+, depending on the cabin). There is a three night minimum. Linens, towels, plates/flatware, condiments etc are supplied. Cabins have TV/DVD/DVD's (in 3), CD/CD's. No wi-fi or land lines. On farm lodging is limited. HOTEL accommodations are available nearby in town if needed.

FOOD: Cost will be $15.00/day for those staying on the farm. Contact Antonia regarding food allergies/sensitivities. Special dietary needs will be taken into account when possible.

COSTS FOR SEMINARS/WORKSHOP: Gale Gray – please see Gale's website listed above for costs. Carole Glenn's workshop – please see website listed above for costs. Antonia Albano – 'Love donations' accepted for all workshops/seminars.

TRANSPORTATION: Antonia and Barney will provide transportation from & return to Roanoke VA (ROA) airport when possible. Please check with Antonia regarding arrival times of other participants for the sharing of a rental car or taxi. In consideration for those driving to Roanoke to pick folks up please try to have your flight arrive as close to or before 9PM. Consider an over night flight, if you can sleep on airplanes, which will get you in in the AM and save you money in addition. Transportation cost, when provided by SRH, $20 each direction.

CLOTHING: Temperatures can range from 20s - 60's. Dressing in layers is suggested. Please bring a pair of heavy socks or slippers as it is requested that shoes/boots be removed inside the cabin. You may also wish to wear hiking or running shoes as we will probably be walking approximately ½ mile to the top of the property. Don't forget to PACK LIGHTLY (i.e. one small or medium suitcase as luggage space in cabins is limited).

Quite a few people have expressed an interest in attending this event. Please contact Antonia @540.461.1401 or email: antonia@southriverhighlands.com by January 28th. Check the farm website: www.southriverhighlands.com for information & photographs of the farm (open all buttons). On the 'HOME' page you will find a button called 'Celebration of Love 2008'. Directions will be emailed individually to those people needing them. The farm is located above the confluence of the South & Maury Rivers six miles from the charming historic town of Lexington, Virginia – the resting place of Stonewall Jackson & Robert E. Lee & the campuses of Washington & Lee and Virginia Military Institute (www.lexingtonvirginia.com). The Chessie Trail begins across the entry road to the farm and winds along the the Maury River for 7 miles. An Appalachian Trail head (AT) is 8 miles away for those interested in more activity before or after the events.

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